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Karenni Refugee Camp# 2 fire destroy about two section.

Dear Friend,

In Thailand in 1976 in response to the influx of refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Today, People serve uprooted from Myanmar, also known as Burma, who began crossing into Thailand in 1984. 14,000 people in KnRC2 (Karenni Refugee Camp 2) along the Thailand-Myanmar border, providing drinking water and food as well as services like health care, sanitation, legal assistance and resettlement processing, and protection for children and abused women. Please anyone who saw this happened pleases pray for them, now they need you help because they camp name Karenni Refugee Camp 2 had fire destroy section 1 and  4, Over 30 people lost their lives and more than 200+ people injured and some are still missing!! over 1000 didn't have home they have to sleep nearby the river. please help them pray for the people who lost their lives while trying to escape from the fire and for the people who lost their family/friend/cousin/mother and father.This is the worst thing could happen to them is being burn! anyhow I believe they have no food to eat, they have no place to sleep, please help they will comprehend. Even they are disorienting I believe God will help them to be a safely. I was feeling impression when I saw this happen in my eyes. why? because we are Karenni people we have to ran for the war, but now they have to see this happened again. they did nothing wrong but why this happen to them!.


In March 22, 2013
Around 3:00 p.m.


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